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We are so glad you have decided to consider submitting an article to OPOA.  For your submission to be considered, please follow the below listed criteria.

To have your article considered for inclusion in the OPOA Newsletter and possibly future training curriculum and presentations, use the following steps to prepare and submit your entry.

Submission Criteria - 

  1. Your article must explain an aspect of Leadership as it relates to law enforcement. This could be a narrowly focused article on one specific facet or a generalized concept.

  2. Your article must be written with a specific audience in mind. The audience could be background investigators, senior leadership, new leaders, patrol level officers, evidence technicians, etc.

  3. Your submission must  explain how to implement an aspect or concept of leadership. For example: how to assess leadership levels, implement new strategies or concepts, or mentor less experienced law enforcement professionals.

  4. Your submission must be free of misspelled words and vulgar language.

  5. Your article must be 12pt font size, Arial, Calibri or other easy to read font, and no longer than 750 words (1 full page).

Submission Process - 

  1. Create and save your article in a .doc or .pdf format.

  2. Name the file with your first and last name followed by a short title. For example: John.Smith.LeadershipToolkit.doc

  3. Open a new email:

    1. Address it to: TRAINING@OPOA.INFO

    2. Attach the file containing your article

    3. In the body of the email include: 

      1. your contact information

      2. agency name and job title

      3. Identify a category/Type of training. For example: Supervising; Leadership techniques; Intro to Managing; etc.

      4. Identify audience type. For example: New officers; Senior leadership; Background investigators; etc.

      5. Acknowledge you are the author of the original, non-copyrighted content provided in the submission and you agree to your submission being edited by OPOA training staff for length, and grammar should your submission be chosen to publish. 

    4. Send the email.


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